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Mark Bain

Mark is a trumpeter with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

About Me

Growing up in a musical family in Adelaide, Mark began his musical education at an early age, learning to sing and play piano before taking up the trumpet when he was 8. He moved to Canberra to study Classical Trumpet Performance at the Australian National University School of Music in Canberra, completing his Bachelor of Music degree with First Class Honours under Daniel Mendelow.

Following this, Mark relocated to live in Germany and continued his studies at the University for Music and the Performing Arts in Frankfurt a. M., studying trumpet with Klaus Schuhwerk, and assistant tutors Heiko Herrmann, Bal√°zs Nemes, Steven Verhaert, and Edward Tarr. Here he was invited to play with the Frankfurt Opera (Germany) and Royal Flemish Philharmonic Orchestra (Belgium), before being appointed as 2nd trumpet in the Vector Wellington Orchestra (New Zealand) in 2009.

In 2011 Mark was appointed to his current position of Tutti Trumpet with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. He has also performed with the Adelaide, West Australian, and Canberra Symphony Orchestras, as well as with the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra in Doha.

Mark is also a passionate music educator, having held teaching positions at many schools and universities around the world, including the Australian National University School of Music, the University for Music and the Performing Arts Frankfurt a. M., and the University of Tasmania Conservatorium of Music.

Mark has a particular interest in performance psychology, and has a teaching style strongly influenced by the pedagogy of Arnold Jacobs and Vincent Cichowicz. Mark is excited to join the Online Virtuoso team, and is looking forward to sharing his ideas and experiences with other people around the country.

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