About Us

About Us

About Us

Online Virtuoso was originally conceived by leading Australian Clarinettist Paul Champion who identified a clear need to provide new and innovative ways to offer thoroughly comprehensive and reputable educational resources to students and musicians of all levels of experience through online channels.


The mission of Online Virtuoso is to provide a platform to share an incredible wealth of knowledge from the best teachers and instrumentalists to students or enthusiasts of all levels, regardless of geographical or financial boundaries. It is the belief of the team at Online Virtuoso that this is the best way to reach as large an audience as possible and provide a product that truly has something for everybody.


Commencing with the clarinet, over the coming months subscribers will see the inclusion of other woodwind instruments, brass, strings and voice before extending the reach to musical theory. Online Virtuoso is committed to expanding the platform and will continue to produce new and relevant content every month for subscribers.




Paul Champion

Co-founder + CEO



Jonathan Woods

Co-founder + COO

Matthew Ockenden


Frank Celata


Dani Rich

Executive coordinator

Aaron Klein

Videographer + Graphic/Web Designer